Cesc Batalla (Spain) 20 years, resident in Termens a small town a few km from one of the most emblematic rivers of the national territory “Alfarras”, school of competition fishermen, number of fish and sizes without equal (in some cases even greater than 90 centimeters).

At just 12 years old he began his fly fishing career, just 3 years later and with the purpose of improving and improving, he enrolled in the practice of competitive fishing, in his two years as a youth he placed himself in high competition giving at an excellent level and improving day after day.

At Adams Fly Rods we could not miss this opportunity to support and accompany Cesc on his way in competition fishing. You can be a good fisherman, but finding so many positive adjectives in a 20-year-old boy is not easy, humility, generosity, friendship, companionship and illusion are some of the most significant qualities that we saw in him.

Cesc is undoubtedly one of our most motivating bets for the future.